Paints, brushes, sponges materials and cleaning agents for body painting

Special paints body painting

For body painting it is necessary to use specific quality paints / materials with little or no risk of allergies or skin reaction.

Here are some brands of paintings to help you in your choice:

Aquacolor paints require a little preparation because they are in the form of a damp makeup that must be mixed with water. The colors are mixable and allow the skin to breathe while covering it. The paints are hypoallergenic and are stable long after opening.

Kryolan is also one of the TV show Face Off partners.

Cameleon paints are made from carefully selected ingredients. All paints are manufactured according to European and American cosmetic regulations. To avoid any potential allergic reaction the base of the paints is beeswax. Cameleon paints are very covering and offer a wide choice of colors.

They were created by an association of Bodypainters who wanted to have quality paintings that meet their specific needs and expectations.

Ce sont des peintures solubles dans l’eau et sans parfum. Elles sont testées sur le plan dermatologique. Elles répondent aux normes de l’industrie esthétique ainsi qu’au norme Européenne sur la sécurité des jouets, ce qui est un gage de qualité.

Daimond FX is a European brand (Netherlands) based on a family business that offers a very covering paint, that is suitable for beginners and professionals. Their credo is that quality body painting paint's / makeup must be accessible to all by its price.

Mehron is the brand of Geneviève Houle (Jinny Houle). Her intelligent use of color and its brush control have made it famous in the world of Body Paint.

His creations have been cited in the media, magazines, books, films, advertisements, conventions, shows and international events.

She is the creative artistic influence behind some Cirque du Soleil show like Love, Delirium, Corteo, Ovo and Totem.

The originality of CREAQUA is to propose a compartment dedicated to the mixture in each pot. In addition, the pots are screwed on each other which allows a saving of space during the storage. Of course the colors are hypoallergenic and stable after opening.

These are not paints, strictly speaking, but glitter that apply to the brush directly on the skin and add a touch of glamor and shine.

Fardel paints are specially adapted for body painting and artistic make-up or not. The shades are luminous and above all very covering. They apply easily. They can be applied on the beard and hair and are easily rinsed with water. They are hypoallergenic, meet European standards and are not tested on animals.

Paintbrush, sponges

To apply paint and draw your Body Paint you will also need brushes and / or sponges if you do not use your fingers or airbrush. We will only mention brushes and sponges here, the airbrush being an expensive specific equipment with a particular use.

Concerning the brushes it is necessary to envisage several sizes and types and adapt them according to your preference and your technique:

Cleaner - maintenance

To keep your equipment at the best and longest it is imperative to maintain it well. This means cleaning your brushes / sponges thoroughly after each use. For this there are soaps and specific disinfectant.

There are also disinfectants for your paints and make-up, this allows to refresh it and to eliminate the bacteria present on the surface.


Also think about training to improve your technique and you will not always have someone on hand. For this purpose, there are different training supports: face design, silhouette, silicone head, stand model ...

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