Electrically conductive paint

You may have already seen bodypaints driving electricity, a LED bulb lit by a simple battery contact on the painted skin? Electrically conductive paints allow this trick of "magic".

Henna creation mixed with Amrita Kulkarni's conductive paint.

Indeed, there is a range of paintings that is electrically conductive, but beware it is not a painting of bodypainting (body painting) at the base. The company Bare Conductive sells a painting of this type.

Even if it is non-toxic, water-based and can be simply washed with soap and water, it is a product intended for electronics for the creation of sensors or printed circuits of customized shape or in fluid state .

It is not a cosmetic product approved for use on the skin and it is not marketed for this use at the base.

If you wish to use it for a bodypainting use know that as stated above, this is not done for and we currently have no real feedback with a cosmetic study on this use of conductive paint.

For light effects know that there are phosphorescent or fluorescent paints.

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