Advice and basic equipment for body painting

Many people (beginners or not) are wondering what paints and / or equipment is good to use for bodypainting.

To do body painting, you must first use a specific paint (pay attention to bad qualities paints that can trigger allergies) for this art and to have the right equipment.

The initial investment in good equipment is fairly substantial , think about it and do not hesitate to inquire before to buy your equipment. There is a lot of specific equipment to a specific type of visual effect (gradient, fading, stencils, ...) in Body Painting.

For paints, use a quality paint preferably from a professional supplier. Try to avoid festive makeup kit paints (especially those for children) that are often of lower quality and can cause skin reactions. Also avoid temporary tattoo paints like henna that are not made for it.

Choose water-based paints or make-up creams, since other solvents (such as alcohol) can be aggressive to the skin, make sure to check the compositions, ask to competent suppliers and especially think to test the paint on a small area of your ​​skin before your bodypainting. Do not paint on areas of the skin that are irritated, injured or wounded and pay attention to sensitive areas such as the lips, eye contour ...

To paint there are several possibilities to apply the chosen painting:

It's up to you to try and choose the painting technique that suits you best.

An important step is to thoroughly clean the material after use, to avoid residues that could cause skin reactions (irritations or itching or even allergies) or even transmission of disease.

It should be borne in mind that a simple cleaning with soap or shower gel is not enough to rule out allergic hazards. You must sterilize your brushes with alcohol. Do not forget to think about your personal hygiene which must be irreproachable: the nails short, cut and clean, the washed hands indeed disinfected with hydroalcoholic gel.

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