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John Poppleton was born and raised in the suburbs of Sacramento (USA). He discovered photography during his youth in high school in 1988.

He studied all aspects of photography with a lot of passion as a hobby until becoming a professional portrait photographer in 1993. John always wanted to create something original and different, but the fantastic portraits was never planned. "I was not looking, he found me," this is John. Indeed around 2003 Photoshop introduced a new tool called Fluidity and just to test I tended one ear of a bride and turned her into an elf. I put a copy in my wallet and everything was chained from there. Things have really taken off when a fairy collection store asked me to create 12 images for a calendar.

In 2010, while suffering from insomnia, John found an inspiration in the use of black light. This became his most beautiful career adventure in Bodypainting.

Black light combines the beauty of the feminine form with the splendor of God's creations. The use of temporary fluorescent materials is used to paint the scenes directly on the skin. These scenes are photographed to create a unique work of art.

John now lives in the quiet little town of Wellsville in northern Utah (USA), with his wife Becky and his three children. John has received numerous awards for his wedding photos and fantastic portraits through the EPEE program (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)

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