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Craig Tracy was born in New Orleans (New Oleans USA), he currently lives there.

He graduated from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute in Florida and is the owner of the Craig Tracy Fine Art Gallery Bodypainting.

Craig Tracy has always been an artist. New Orleans, with a genuine and vibrant culture, is an important factor in its creativity.

At the age of fifteen, he has received his first Airbrush as a gift from his parents. The Airbrush will become the technique that will dominate his next twenty years, he then paints mostly personalized T-shirts and other personalized gifts.

Graduated with the honors of the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, Craig became an freelance illustrator at the age of twenty. Advertising's job will quickly annoy him and he will multiply the media experience which will lead him on face painting and body bodypainting.

The vast majority of Craig Tracy's works are real bodypaintings photographs without any digital retouching. Some of his bodypaintings incorporate a backdrop for the scenery. These decorations are created by hand and are meticulously painted by the artist in advance.

"It is my intention to continue exploring and expanding the perceptions and limits of this older, seductive and contemporary art form."

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