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The Body painting, bodypaiting art, or artistic makeup is an art of painting a paint on the human body as support. The body becomes the canvas of painting. The paint and the body become one unique item and the body is often indistinguishable from the paint. Because of its special bracket, bodypainting uses specific paint, equipment and techniques. The Bodypainting Art Association is located in France and is pleased to help and to advice you in your discovery of the art of Bodypainting (also called bodypaint).

Every bodypaint is unique. It is the fruit of an alchemy of complicity between the artist and his / her models. The artist Bodypainter does not just paint his model, it will help him / her to represent and make live a character, a celebrity, an emotion, an idea : the model gives life to bodypainting. Do not forget the photographer, whose role is also important because he immortalizes the bodypaint and allows to keep a trace for oneself and / or to share it. Gradually, bodypainting has become a full-fledged graphic art with its various variants: promotional / commercial / musical clip, graffiti, artistic, athletic / supportive, sensual universe, ritual / religious.

Origin of the art of bodypainting

Body painting is one of the first forms of artistic expression used by mankind because of its obvious bracket : the human body. Our ancestors quickly realized that nature could be used to create colors as with ocher, clay, crushed berries, coal or even colored earth. At that time bodypainting (or body painting) was mostly ritual or used as hunting camouflage. Originally to mark his body could mean to the community a state of pregnancy (this type of bodypainting is called Bellypainting), mourning, an initiatory ritual. It was also sometimes adornment, simply in a setting of seduction or self-celebration. The ephemeral modifications of bodypainting are often found in situations of rite of passage. These practices are still present in the tribes that have preserved their traditional art, or at festivals and celebrations that revive these traditions. Body painting has now almost lost its spiritual, religious or comunauty sense, this phenomenon is noticed more in the Western world. It is mainly practiced for its artistic aspect, see playful.

Variation, drifts / excesses of the Bodypainting

Body painting has different variations. The Bellypainting uses the belly of pregnant women as a bracket and has already been mentioned above. The Facepainting focuses on the artistic decoration of faces, it is often some make-up for children at parties disguised, a birthday or Halloween.

Unfortunately, because of its bracket, the bare body, bodypainting sometimes remains an art deviated from its original vocation and is associated with female nudity. Fortunately the majority of artists do not fall into this ease and create real artistic masterpieces alive. The classical makeup and the makeup special effects (called FX makeup) are often associated with the art of bodypainting. The difference is that make-up is not intended to cover the body of with a painting and FX makeup uses accessories and prostheses.

Copyright of bodypainting paints on the Internet

The association makes a point of honor to respect the copyright concerning the bodypainting paints on the website. If you have a request or a comment on this subject do not hesitate to contact us.

Concerning the paints of Bodypainting, they remain the exclusive property of their authors. On the homepage copyrights of the bodypaints are visible on when you put your mouse over the picture, if you wish to appear contact us.

In the photo gallery, the name of the artist bodypainter is of course identified by his gallery. We also set up a system for displaying names of models and photographers. However they are often difficult to identify and any help or information in this direction will be welcome.

We also contacted the artists present on the site to obtain their agreement of publication. A large majority has responded positively and we are still waiting for answers for some, this is a long-term work but it guarantees a quality of information respectful of the work of the artists for visitors.

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